Heartfelt Drake Sad Songs

drake sad songs

Drake is a famous rapper and singer who is known for his emotional lyrics. He often writes about his personal struggles and experiences, which includes many sad songs. In this list, we’ve put together some of Drake’s most touching and emotional songs that deal with sadness and heartbreak.

1. “Marvins Room”

The song “Marvin’s Room” by Drake is about a man who is calling his ex-girlfriend while he is drunk and feeling lonely. He talks about his night out at the club, drinking and partying with friends, but still feeling empty and missing his ex-girlfriend.

In the lyrics, Drake says he wants his ex-girlfriend back, even though he knows she is with someone else. He tells her that she could do better than her current boyfriend and that he will hate her only if she makes him. He also admits that he has a problem with looking at naked pictures and talking about other women, and that he is aware he is not treating women well.

Towards the end of the song, Drake apologizes for calling and admits that he needs someone to talk to. He expresses his feelings of loneliness and mentions his struggles with adjusting to fame. The song ends with Drake asking his ex-girlfriend to come over, but she declines, and he ends up drinking and vomiting while his friends try to help him.

Overall, the song is about feeling lonely and missing someone you used to love, even if you know they are better off without you. It also touches on issues of substance abuse and objectifying women. It is important to note that some of the language used in the song may not be appropriate for younger listeners.

2. “Shot For Me”

The song “Shot for Me” by Drake is about a past relationship where the speaker (Drake) expresses his frustration with his ex-partner. He claims that his ex is angry and trying to find someone to replace him, despite all the love and care he showed her. Drake confidently asserts that he is the man and the reason for her success, while also acknowledging the negative aspects of their relationship, such as her lack of trust in him.

The chorus of the song “Take a shot for me” suggests that Drake’s ex is drinking and possibly feeling down about their past relationship. He wishes her well and hopes that she can recover from their breakup.

Overall, the song is a reflection on a past relationship and the emotions that come with it, such as regret, frustration, and longing. It is important to note that some of the language in the song is derogatory and disrespectful towards women, which may not be suitable for all audiences.

3. “Losses”

“Losses” is a song by Drake in which he talks about his past relationships, specifically with someone who he considered to be like family. He talks about how this person got caught up in the game, and how they ended up losing touch with each other. He expresses his feelings of being hurt and disappointed by the way things turned out.

Drake starts by saying he wrote the song about family, and he doesn’t care if anyone has a problem with it. He then goes on to talk about how he was there for this person when they were struggling to find love and how he helped them get their buzz back. He also mentions how he always kept it real with them and never shied away from telling the truth.

Drake then goes on to talk about how he treated this person like gold, and they could smell their success before they even walked in the room. However, they ended up losing touch, and Drake had to hold that loss.

Drake then mentions that he does it for the Grahams, not the Gram (Instagram). He does it for his family, but he’s still frustrated with the government. He tried to change for this person, but that wasn’t who he truly was.

He talks about how people steal his style but he got where he is by being himself with no drama. He also talks about how he couldn’t sit around and wait for things to happen; he had to make them happen.

In conclusion, “Losses” is a song about Drake’s past relationships and how he lost touch with someone who he considered to be like family. He expresses his disappointment and hurt about the way things turned out and how he had to accept that loss. He also talks about how he got to where he is by being himself and not waiting for things to happen.

4. “Take Care”

The song “Take Care” by Drake and Rihanna is about a person who wants to take care of someone they care about who has been hurt in the past. The song talks about how the person has been hurt too, but they still want to be there for the other person.

In the chorus, Rihanna sings that she can tell the person has been hurt before and if they let her, she’ll take care of them. Then in Drake’s verse, he talks about how he still cares for the person even though he’s heard things about them. He says that he’s had his own heartbreaks, but he still wants to be there for the person. He tells the person that they don’t have to worry or hide anything from him because he’s seen all of his own mistakes.

In the second chorus, Rihanna repeats that she can tell the person has been hurt and she’ll take care of them if they let her. Then in Drake’s second verse, he talks about how it’s his birthday and he wants to get high and be with the person, but he’ll lie about it if he has to. He says that even though the person doesn’t tell their friends they love him, they both know they do. He tells the person that they’re not alone in their feelings and that they’re not the only one who has been sold a dream that didn’t come true.

Overall, the song is about two people who have been hurt in the past, but still care about each other and want to take care of each other. The song is a reminder that even though life can be tough, there are people who care about us and want to be there for us.

5. “Furthest Thing”

The song talks about how he is torn between different things, like being sober or getting high, being committed or having a mistress, and wanting something but not having it. He talks about how he has a lot on his plate and how people he believed in have let him down.

In the chorus of the song, Drake talks about how he has been doing things on the down-low, like drinking, smoking, and scheming. He also talks about how he is not perfect and that nobody is perfect, including his friends.

Later on in the song, Drake talks about how people doubt him and how he wants to make a difference in the world by donating to children. He also talks about how he fills up arenas and how he wants to be remembered for his music. He finishes the song by saying that this is the kind of music he wants to be played at his funeral.

So, in summary, “Furthest Thing” is a song about the struggles and conflicts that Drake faces in his life, but also about how he wants to make a positive impact on the world through his music.

5. “Doing It Wrong”

This song is about a relationship that has ended. Drake is saying that just because things ended with one girl, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

He believes that the girl he was with is overreacting because she doesn’t want things to change. He tells her to cry if she needs to, but he can’t stay to watch her because it’s not the right thing to do.

He can’t hold her or listen to her talk because he needs to move on and find someone different. He thinks something has been missing in their relationship and he needs to find something new.

Drake also mentions that many people today don’t really love each other, but they act like they do because they don’t want to see their ex with someone else.

6. “Redemption”

These lyrics are from the song “Redemption” by Drake. The song explores themes of regret, redemption, and relationships. The singer reflects on past mistakes and lost love, while also expressing a desire for forgiveness and a second chance

7. “Club Paradise”

In this song, Drake hears that all of his old girlfriends have found new partners. This makes him think about how the women he didn’t care about before are now doing well.

He also acknowledges how he’s grown and changed as a person and artist, but he still misses his old life in Toronto. He feels like he doesn’t fit in at fancy events and wishes for his simpler past. Drake worries about losing everything and stays connected to his roots to keep himself grounded.

The song also talks about Drake’s relationship with his mother. She doesn’t like some of his choices and doesn’t approve of the women he dates. Drake gets annoyed by her, but he still values her opinion. He also talks about the competition in the music industry and how he has to watch out for other rappers who might not have his best interests in mind.


While Drake is often associated with his catchy rap and pop hits, his sad songs are just as powerful and meaningful. They explore the difficult emotions of heartbreak and loss, and can help us feel understood and comforted when we’re going through a tough time. Whether you’re a fan of Drake’s music or just love emotional songs, these sad songs are sure to make you feel something.

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