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Carrie Underwood has blessed us with an incredible discography filled with heartfelt ballads, empowering anthems, and catchy tunes that have resonated with fans around the world. Carrie Underwood is one of the best voices working in country music, and she has a catalog of songs to prove it.

Since winning the hearts of American Idol fans with her season four victory, Underwood has solidified herself as a country music superstar, with a collection of albums and singles that show off her incomparable voice and touching lyricism.

Below, we’ll look at the Top 10 Best Carrie Underwood songs which could also be regarded as her Greatest Hits

1. “Before He Cheats”

Kicking off our list is the iconic “Before He Cheats. The song is a hymn for everyone, everywhere, all the time. It’s Carrie Underwood’s most well-known song, “Before He Cheats,” from Some Hearts (2005). ” This revenge-fueled anthem showcases Carrie’s powerhouse vocals and fiery spirit. Its sassy lyrics and memorable chorus make it an instant classic that empowers anyone who has ever been wronged.  It’s, however, a big hit, which is popular in gym classes and karaoke bars.

Lyrics Excerpt:

  "I dug my key
 into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
 Carved my name into his leather seats
 took a Louisville slugger to both headlights
 Slashed a hole in all four tires"

2. “Jesus, Take the Wheel”

This is also one of Carrie Underwood’s greatest hits. A song that catapulted Carrie to stardom, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” is a powerful song that combines faith, redemption, and heartfelt emotion. Its moving lyrics and breathtaking vocal performance capture the essence of surrendering to a higher power in times of struggle.

With the release of “Jesus Take the Wheel,” the lead song from her debut album Some Hearts, that foundation was only strengthened. By crossing over to the mainstream Hot 100 and connecting with Christian listeners, the song propelled her to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"Jesus, take the wheel
 Take it from my hands
 'Cause I can't do this on my own 
I'm letting go
 So give me one more chance 
Save me from this road 
I'm on Jesus, take the wheel"

3. “Blown Away”

Prepare to be blown away by this atmospheric masterpiece. With its haunting melodies and evocative storytelling, “Blown Away” paints a vivid picture of a girl seeking refuge from an abusive home. Carrie Underwood’s commanding vocals soar, creating a chilling and unforgettable listening experience.

The song hits like lightning. As the title suggests, “Blown Away” will leave you speechless, firmly establishing it as one of her best works. The performance “Blown Away” is one of her best. The song hits like lightning. As the title suggests, “Blown Away” will leave you speechless, firmly establishing it as one of her best works. The performance “Blown Away” is one of her best.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"Dry lightning cracks across the skies
 Those storm clouds gather in her eyes 
Her daddy was a mean old mister 
Mama was an angel in the ground 
The weatherman called for a twister 
She prayed blow it down"

4. “Cry Pretty”

Here comes yet another hit from Carrie Underwood songs. The song “Cry Pretty” was written by the singer in response to the three miscarriages she had before she and her husband, Mike Fisher, received their second son, Jacob, in 2019. Carrie Underwood expresses her anguish and pain honestly in songs like “When things really get ugly,” so it’s worth listing to this catalog of Top 10 songs by Carrie Underwood, it is one of her greatest hits that captures the mind.

Embracing vulnerability and the strength that comes with it, “Cry Pretty” is a song that resonates deeply. Carrie’s emotionally charged delivery, coupled with the song’s empowering message, reminds us that it’s okay to show our emotions and find resilience within our tears. Carrie Underwood frequently hides behind imaginary personas in her song catalog, but “Cry Pretty” shows that she is at her best when she allows her heart to take the lead.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"You can't hide pain
 And you can't hide needles in the hay
 Stack 'em up, like a house of cards 
You're not gonna get to me at all
 'Cause the biggest lie you ever told 
Was that I couldn't get to you"

5. “Cowboy Casanova”

This infectious and flirtatious track showcases Carrie’s versatility as an artist. “Cowboy Casanova” combines country roots with a pop-infused sound, creating a foot-tapping anthem that exudes confidence and warns against falling for charming but deceitful suitors.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"Cowboy Casanova 
With a Silverado heart He's a devil in disguise
 A snake with blue eyes
 And he only comes out at night 
Gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight
 You better run for your life"

6. “Good Girl”

  From her 2012 album “Blown Away”, the hit is yet another fan favorite. With its irresistible melody and relatable lyrics, “Good Girl” is an upbeat and empowering song that encourages women to value their worth and avoid falling for the wrong kind of love.

Carrie Underwood’s dynamic vocals and the song’s catchy chorus make it a standout hit. Fans decided that this would be Underwood’s single with the fastest sales in less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"Hey, good girl 
With your head in the clouds
 I bet you I can tell you 
What you're thinkin' about 
You'll see a good boy 
Gonna give you the world 
But he's gonna leave you cryin' 
With your heart in the dirt"

7. “Smoke Break”

“Smoke Break” is a soul-stirring anthem that celebrates the hardworking individuals who find solace and a moment of respite amidst life’s challenges. Carrie’s powerful vocals coupled with the song’s honest and relatable lyrics create an unforgettable listening experience.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"She said, 'I don't drink 
But sometimes I need a stiff drink 
Sippin' from a high, full glass 
Let the world fade away' 
She said, 'I don't smoke 
But sometimes I need a long drag Yeah, 
I know it might sound bad 
But sometimes I need a smoke break"

8. “Just a Dream”

A heart-wrenching song that tugs at your heartstrings, “Just a Dream” tells the story of a young woman grieving the loss of her soldier fiancé. Carrie’s raw and emotive vocals capture the pain and longing of love cut short, making it a tear-jerking standout in her discography.

Lyrics Excerpt:

           "It was two weeks after the day she turned eighteen 
All dressed in white,
 going to the church that night 
She had his box of letters in the passenger seat 
Sixpence in a shoe, something borrowed, something blue"

9. “All-American Girl”

This uplifting and feel-good track celebrates the joy of growing up and the dreams of young girls everywhere. With its catchy melodies and inspiring lyrics, “All-American Girl” is a testament to Carrie’s ability to create songs that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Lyrics Excerpt:

            "But all-American All-American girl Yeah, 
              yeah Is gonna marry a football player"

10. “Something in the Water”

Closing our list of Best Carrie Underwood songs is the uplifting and spiritual “Something in the Water.” This gospel-infused anthem showcases Carrie’s vocal prowess and delivers a powerful message of redemption, hope, and finding strength in faith. It’s infectious energy and positive lyrics make it a standout hit.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"I'm changed, 
 I'm stronger, 
There must be something in the water Oh, 
there must be something in the water"


Carrie Underwood’s music has touched the hearts of millions, and these top 10 songs represent the very best of her remarkable career. From the fiery empowerment of “Before He Cheats.

Which of the Top 10 Carrie Underwood songs is your favorite?

Let’s hear from you in the box.

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